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Biscotti and Kate Mack Specialty Girls' Clothing, Fall 2014 line: a KidsOutAndAbout review

Biscotti and Kate Mack Specialty Girls' Clothing: a KidsOutAndAbout review

by Kathleen McCormack


Usually when I walk into a family function with my two adorable young children, little Marne and Paul are the ones who get all the attention. Recently, however, all the ooh's and ahh's upon our arrival were directed at my daughter's new coat. She was wearing the Outerwear Essentials Polar Coat by Kate Mack, and the women at the party could not get over how precious she looked. Durable fleece accented by adorable maroon, black, and ivory ruffles, every one of us commented that we would absolutely wear the coat if only it came in adult sizes

Like most parents, I shop for my children's clothes in the usual places: Target, Kohl's, Carter's, etc. And while those stores are excellent for your day to day wear, shopping at Biscotti and Kate Mack is the spot for designer items for special occassions when you want your little girl to really stand out. In fact, the entire day, at church, at the grocery store, at the family party, my 3-year-old daughter collected compliments everywhere we went. 

Besides beautiful coats, Biscotti and Kate Mack also specializes in dresses. We had the opportunity to try out the Biscotti Glam It Up dress. Simple but sequined it was the perfect combination of elegance and trendiness. Holiday photos, weddings, Baptisms, and Bat Mitzvahs, these are special occasions outfits for the mom who loves fashionable pieces with a vintage flair.

So we're convinced that they're cute, but the real test is durability. Is my little snowflake going to ruin it in her first go round? Sure, she'll be pretty, but will she be pretty cold at the same time? Nope and nope. These are high quality items. In fact, Malia Obama wore Biscotti and Kate Mack at her father's inauguration, a chilly January event! As my mother-in-law pointed out, these are not pieces that you sell back to a consignment shop; these are heritage pieces that you pass down to your granddaughter

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