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Summer Science Camp Grades 2-3


250 E Franklin St
Chapel Hill, NC, 27514
United States


(919) 962-1236
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Check website for details


6-8 years 9-12 years
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Sarah Brown
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Science is an adventure - an amazing opportunity to explore the world around us. Children naturally love to explore our world, and Summer Science Camps at Morehead Planetarium and Science Center are the perfect way to encourage your child's curiosity and intellectual growth in a fun, nurturing environment.

PLEASE NOTE: Camp spaces are assigned to campers in the order that the registration is received. Morehead's online registration system provides real-time status updates that show the spaces remaining in each camp as you register.



Magic Tree House® Researchers

How many stars in the starry night sky?

If we flew to the Sun, how long would we fly?

Will we travel to planets, and will it be soon?

Will we ever be able to live on the Moon?

How does it feel to journey through space?

And why is our Earth so special a place?

Discover the answers to these and more Magic Tree House® riddles about astronomy and space science!

  • June 18-22 (AM or PM)
  • July 9-13 (AM or PM)
  • July 30-Aug. 3 (AM or PM)

The Wright Stuff

How did the Wright brothers learn about flying machines? They used scientific thinking, conducted experiments and collected data. By observing birds, experimenting with flying toys and creating model airplanes, campers will get it right like the Wright brothers!

  • June 11-15 (AM or PM)
  • July 16-20 (AM or PM)
  • Aug. 13-17 (AM or PM)

Coding 101*

Get ready to decipher coding language and crack open a computer in this fun and interactive camp. Coding 101 will teach programming through fun activities involving all kinds of new technology and well-known titles such as Minecraft and Scratch. We’ll kick off this camp by programming and be controlling robots!

  • June 11-15 (AM or PM)
  • July 16-20 (AM or PM)
  • Aug. 13-17 (AM or PM)

*Note: There is a $40 materials fee for this camp.

Potion Productions

What “potions” do we use every day? Assess the effectiveness of your homemade toothpaste, learn about polymers by making glue and taste test your cola recipe. Develop the best version of your choice of product and create clever advertisements to support it. This camp is great fun for young scientists AND entrepreneurs!

  • June 18-22 (AM or PM)
  • July 9-13 (AM or PM)
  • July 30-Aug. 3 (AM or PM)

Mind Maze

Your brain is your boss. Learn why as you journey into the body’s command center! Optical illusions, mazes, and even ice cream sundaes will help demonstrate how the brain controls senses, actions, thoughts and moods. Along the way, discover how to boost your brain power!

  • June 25-29 (AM or PM)
  • July 23-27 (AM or PM)
  • Aug. 6-10 (AM or PM)


Harness your inner magician as we explore the science of magic! Can you make water disappear? Can you make metal float? Learn the science behind amazing tricks and illusions and put your knowledge to the test as you prepare a science magic show. You’re on your way to being a Morehead magician as fast as you can say LABracadabra!

  • June 25-29 (AM or PM)
  • July 23-27 (AM or PM)
  • Aug. 6-10 (AM or PM)