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Top 10 Things to Bring with You on a Cruise (Katie copy)

Cruising is a great vacation! There is something to do for just about everyone- kids, parents, grandparents, people without kids, singles, you name it, they have something to interest you. So, how do you prepare for a cruise vacation? Be sure to take these ten things with you. You’ll be glad you did.

  1. Outlet adapter- There are limited electrical outlets in cruise ship cabins, so you’ll want to maximize the number of devices you can plug in at once. This does the trick. It allows you to plug in three devices, plus has two usb connectors and is safe to use on a cruise ship.









  1. Lanyard- Why worry about carrying a purse around the ship? With a lanyard you can go hands-free! Be sure to stuff a few $1 bills into it as well as your ship card. Most everything is billed to your shipboard account, but you’ll want a few bucks for tips. It's better to get the kind with a clear acetate pocket- you a punch hole in your card nd hang it from the clip, but it is hard to take on and off the clip; it's easier just to slide it in and out of the pocket. Again, you can buy them on the ship- but you'll pay a lot more. 


  1. First aid kit- While there are medical facilities on the ship, they are not free. You can purchase over-the-counter remedies in the gift shop, but your headache will probably get worse when you see the cost. Bring some kind of motion sickness remedy even if you’ve never been seasick- and then take it at the first sign of nausea. 


4.Small Bills- although all of your onboard expenses will be charged to your ship expense account, be sure to carry enough small bills to tip the porters, taxi drivers in port, skycaps, etc. While it is not strictly necessary to tip bar staff and waiters on the ship, tipping a little extra is a common courtesy. Likewise, tipping your room steward at the beginning of the voyage helps get you a little extra good service.



 5.Hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen- these are just common sense.


6. Magnets- the walls of your cabin are metal! Bring a couple of magnetic hooks or one of these cute magnetic spice holders to clip stray odds and ends or hold small items like earrings.




7. Anti-bacterial wipes. I always give the surfaces in my cabin a quick wipe down. The cabin stewards do a great job, but I just want to be sure I don’t get sick on vacation!


8. Wrinkle release spray- you can’t bring an iron on board and it is expensive to send something to the laundry just for pressing, so this little bottle can be a lifesaver if your clothes come out of your suitcase looking like you’ve slept in them.


9.Laundry detergent packet. If you really need to, you can wash out your delicates in the sink and hang them in the bathroom. Some ships have washing machines that passengers can use, but it will still cost you almost $2 to buy the detergent packet on board. Save a little bit and throw one of these into your bag- or bring a laundry pod or two. Just make sure you’ve packed it into something sturdy (like those metal spice containers) so it won’t get squished.



10. Towel clips. These are great for securing your towel to your lounger by the pool. It gets windy up on deck!



 Now you've got everything you'll need for a perfect cruise vacation! Bon voyage!